Metabones EF to E
$ 15

Metabones Speedbooster EF to E
$ 25

Kipon EF to M4/3 w/ Iris $ 10

Kipon EF to M4/3 $ 10

Nikon to M4/3 Lens Adapter $ 10

Contax to M4/3 Lens Adapter $ 10

Nikon to EF Lens Adapter $ 10

EF to Sony E Lens Adapter $ 10

MFT Nikon to Sony E Lens Adapter $ 15

PL to Sony E Lens Adapter $ 25

Veydra 1.2x Rear Extender
$ 50

The Veydra 1.2x Pl to Pl expander makes it possible to use vintage zoom lenses from the Academy-format era with current generation Super 35 and larger sensor cameras. It works by enlarging the image circle of vintage zoom lenses from 28mm, to 36mm diagonally introducing only a ½ stop of light loss during the process. Older lenses can now be used with RED’s Epic Dragon sensor and other PL-mounted digital cameras with sensors larger than the Academy aperture, up to a 34mm image circle.

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