Super16mm Cameras

Letus Elite
$ 175

Comes with:
- Letus Elite Base Unit
- Back Focus adjustment
- Lens Mount
- Connecting Kit

Available mounts

PL mount, Nikon mount, Contax mount, Canon mount

Letus 35 Elite - The industry's new leader in light efficiency with only 1/2 stop of light loss! The new standard for the Indie Film makers. The technology, quality, and price of the new Letus35 Elite cannot be beat. If you are looking for the BEST and most affordable 35mm lens adapter, you have just found it.

Letus35 Elite Features

* New prism technology with proprietary Image Orientation Correction technology (IOC). This adapter "flips" the image upright
* Highest optical grade achromatic lens (custom-made for this specific adapter)
* Custom condenser specially tailored for this adapter to get the best possible picture quality
* New and improved Ground Glass element
* Beautiful film-look
* Absolutely no vignetting
* Best edge-to-edge sharpness in the industry
* Stunningly beautiful image colors
* Casing milled from solid aluminum
* Anodized black finish
* A sleek, built-in On/Off indicator with LED
* Battery is fully enclosed and secured by 2 magnets for ease of replacement during a shoot
* Virtually silent vibration system that will not interfere with microphones
* Alignment is a breeze with the new and improved 72mm, 77mm, or 82mm ring design
* Interchangeable thread rings and lens mounts for easy adaptation to different cameras / lenses on the fly.
* Hex key for adjustment/installation
* End caps included for protection during transport/storage
* Light switch brought to the back to avoid distraction to those in front of camera
* Threaded hole on the front tube for matching up to support systems

Letus Rods (V1)
$ 25

Comes with:
- Mounting base
- Lens Support
- 15mm Accessory Rods

Zacuto Rods for Letus (Handheld)
$ 50

Comes with:
- Mounting base
- Lens Support
- 15mm Accessory Rods
- Left & Right Handgrips
- Shoulder Pad

P+S Technik Mini 35 Adapter
$ 200

Comes with:
- Mini 35 Model 400 Base unit
- Right Handgrip
- 15mm Accessory Rods
- Connecting Kit

Available mounts- PL , Nikon, Contax mounts

Connecting kits available for:
Canon XL1, 2, XLH1, A1S, G1S,JVC HD100, 110, 200, 250U
Panasonic DVX, HVX, HPX
Sony PD150, 170, FX1, Z1U, EX1

MINI35 '400' Image Converter
Use 35mm film lenses on your digital video camcorder to achieve better images with 1/3" camcorders. Depth of field, focus and angle of view are virtually the same as with a 35mm motion picture camera.

P+S Technik Mini 35 handheld kit
$ 50

Comes with:
- Breakout Box
- Left & Right Handgrips
- Anton Bauer Adapter
- Sony DXF-801 Broadcast viewFinder
- 2x Anton Bauer Battery
- Anton bauer dual charger
- Shoulder pad

requires Mini 35 adapter

P+S Technik Pro 35 Adapter
$ 400

Comes with:
- Pro 35 Base unit
- Accessory Rods
- B4 Mount
- Power/Start-Stop Cable

Available for PL mount , Nikon mount or contax mount


Image Converter for 2/3" cameras
Get the three-dimensional quality of 35mm film by using a 2/3" HD or SD video camera with the PRO35 Image Converter. Hundreds of lens choices, formerly the realm of 35mm film are now available for video production.

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