Video Mixers
Edirol V-4 4-Channel $ 100

The V-4 has 4 inputs and 3 outputs in a compact body allowing you to switch and mix any two inputs. A and B channels have independent TBC's (Time Base Corrector) which gives you stable mixing from any source. The V-4 can be used for many kinds of performance and presentation such as VJ (Visual Jockey), live camera switching and making materials for linear or non linear editing. The V-4 produces high-quality images of more than 500-line resolution by virtue of its internal 4:2:2 full digital processing. Mix images of DV quality without any degradation

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Panasonic WJ MX-20 4-Channel $ 150

The WJ-MX20 digital A/V mixer provides an extremely clear picture thanks to a 13.5MHz sampling frequency, 460 lines of horizontal resolution (720 pixels) and a S/N ratio of 50dB. It makes complex video editing easy with advanced digital functions including chromakey, scene grabber, on-screen display (OSD) settings and an external editing control input with GPI and RS-422 serial controls.

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