Canon 3x (3.4-10.2) Wide Angle (XL1/2/H1) $ 85
EX II 0.6X Wide Angle Adapter - Bayonet
$ 40


EX II 0.45X Super Fisheye - Bayonet
$ 40


Century fisheye adapter for HVX200
$ 40


Century .6X Wide Angle HVX200A MK2
$ 40


Century .6x Wide Angle (XL1/2/H1) $ 25


Century fisheye adapter for Canon 3x lens $ 40


Century fisheye adapter (16x, 20x zooms) $ 40


Canon XL to Arri PL Mount $ 25

works with:

Canon XL1, 1S, 2, XLH1

Allows Arri PL Mount 16 or 35mm lenses to be used on the Canon XL series cameras.

Century .7x Wide Zoom through (82mm) $ 25


works with:
Canon Scoopic M, MN, MS
JVC HD100 - 250U
Panasonic DVX, HPX170
Sony V1U, Z1U

Fujinon Wide Angle (JVC HDV) $ 25

WCV-82SC Wide Angle Converter for Fuji Th16x5.5BRMU lens

Panasonic 16:9 Conversion Lens $ 65

works with:

Panasonic DVX series cameras
Model # AG-LA7200

* Popular adapter for obtaining 2:35 cinemascope with wider angle Nikon and other brand still lenses with DSLR cameras

Zeiss Aspheron .6x Wide Angle $ 40

works with:

Panasonic DVX100, HPX170
Sony V1U
Zeiss 9.5mm T1.3 MK1, 2, 3
Zeiss 12mm T1.3 MK1, 2, 3

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