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Super 8mm 16mm & Reg 8mm Telecine Film Transfers

Initial / set-up charge ..........................................$25.00
Transfer for 1 50’ Super 8 Film Reel to HD ProRes....$15.00
Transfer for 1 50' Reg 8mm Film Reel to HD ProRes .$15.00
Transfer for 16mm film per foot to HD ProRes..........$ .25

W e can also Digitize & tranfer the following media:

Mini DV, DVD, DV-CAM, Hi8, VHS & More

Telecines are provided to you in
HD ProRes Quicktime 4:2:2 1080i or 720P files Or

DNXHD 1080P files

We can also Provide DVD copies (Regular or *Gold Layer)
* Gold Layer DVD's will last 100 years

Traditional Lo-end transfers are done with a by using a projector and projecting the image through a right angle prism or on a screen and then using a video camera to capture the image. When you project the image, you are loosing quality due to the blowing up of the image. The more you blow up the image, the more quality is lost

We offer beautiful results by not projecting the image

We transfer scanning directly from the actual film. The film is run through a projector and the film is lit from behind sort of like an X-Ray. Then a macro lens focuses directly on the actual film and then to a 3-CHIP CCD camera at a 1 to 1 ratio. This is a true style telecine. All basic transfers are made with space between the reels, without any editing or titling. All transfers are made to whatever recording medium listed above, optionally (& additionally) to DVD. Separate tape transfers or those requiring additional tapes each require separate charges. Reels to be transferred in sequence must be numbered by the client beforehand. Some contrast compensation can be done, but greatly over- or under-exposed footage will be left essentially as-is.

Standard turnaround time:
End of Next Day.
Special orders or Large quantity orders will be discussed at time of drop off.

Du-All Camera
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