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Arri 16S PL Mount Super-16 camera Body with Variable speed Motor $ 3500.00

We now offer a complete Super-16 upgrade for your Arri 16S. Hard PL front modification, 1:66 Gate, viewfinder system with BK7 Optics. This will fix your viewfinder if it has deteriorated or yellowed.

With this upgrade, the camera can be set up to precise tolerance which has never before been done to an Arri S. This makes the camera a great 2nd unit camera to the Arri SR or Aaton
Included is:
- Arriflex Super 16 S camera body Only
- PL mount
- 25mm eyepiece
- magazine port cover
- 100' daylight spool
- 4-pin XLR Power Upgrade
- fiber optic ground glass viewing system

Additional Accessories if needed
- 12 volt 4500 mah Nimh battery with Universal Charger $200.00

-TCS TXM-22a Crystal Motor (new) $995.00

2x 400' Magazines with 12 volts upgraded Madgazine torque motor $500.00

ARRI 16SR-2 Evolution HIGH SPEED "PL" $ 12,000

Unequalled in Quality and Functionality: Since 1995 P+S Technik has converted SR cameras to Super16 and has received renown for the high quality performance. Over the years various modules for the camera body and magazines have been developed. Together with the 16 SR Evolution electronics, we can offer an optimal upgrade package that deserves to be called 16 SR Evolution

Included Are:
- Arri 16SR-2 HS Evolution Body
- 2x 400' High Speed Magazines
- On-Off Handgrip
- 2x 24 volt On-Board battery
- Arri 24 Volt Dual Charger
- On-Board Battery Adapter
- SR-3 Gray Paint Job
- Evolution Electronics
- PL Mount
- Super-16 Groundglass
- Accessable Pitch Adjutment
- 24 Volt Upgrade

Click here for the PS Technik Evolution Brochure & Technical info
Click here for the PS Technik Evolution Manual

Bolex EL Super 16mm Latest Version 3 $ 2700.00

Included are:

- 13x Finder marked for Super-16 16x9
cut off lines for HD and Center cross hair
-12 Volt external Battery
- Universal Smart Charger 110/220
- Lens Port Cap
- Rubber Eyecup
- Built in lightmeter
- daylight spool
- Mag throat cover

Bolex EL Body roller for use with magazine ................... each $ 30.00
Bolex 400' magazine complete with core adapters...........add $ 250
Angenieux 15-150mm T3.1 Zoom...................................add $1750.00

Bolex H-16 SBM Super-16 Camera body $ 2,500


Included are:

- 10x Finder has viewfinder markings for Regular & Super-16, 16x9 Cut off lines for HD, Open cross hair indicating Super-16 frame center, Also has 16mm TV Safety Corners & cross hair indicating 16mm frame center
- Lens Port Cap
- Rubber Eyecup
- Daylight Spool

Angenieux 15-150mm T3.1 Zoom.......add $ 1750

Kodak K-100 Super 16mm camera w case $ 750.00

Included are:

- K-100 Non reflex modified body with Single lens turret (gate for Super 16mm format)

This is a great wind up camera that shoots with 100' daylight spools ,also with a full wind will shoots at 24 fps for over 1 minute, camera does 16,24,32,48 and 64 fps and single frame.

other c mounted lenses available upon request

Krasnogorsk K-3 Super-16 Wind up camera $ 800.00

Included are:

- Krasnogorsk K-3 Body ( gate modified for S16mm,viewfinder masked removed, film guides ,sprockets and rollers polished)
- Pro Upgrade included (loop former removed, manual thread only)
- Pentax M-42 screw Mount lens recentering mount Upgrade
- 17-69mm Lens only In Pentax screw mount
- Original leather case with shoulder support, handgrip, misc filter, lens shade ,zoom rod,dyalight spool.

Krasnogorsk K-3 Super-16 Bayo Mt $ 1,100

Included are:

- Krasnogorsk K-3 Body
- Pro Upgrade included
- Arri Bayonet Mount Upgrade
- 17-69mm Lens (Converted to fit Arri Bayonet Mount)

AATON XTR Super-16 $ 15,000- Sold

Regular/Super-16 Switchable, 2x400' mags, on-off right handgrip, 2x on-board batteries w/ charger, Extension Viewfinder, Case.

AATON LTR-7 Super-16 - out of stock $ 7,500- Sold

Included are:

- 2x 400' Magazines
- 2x on-board Batteries
- Aaton Dual Charger
- Right Handgrip
- Original Aaton Mount
- Case.

extremely quiet

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