35mm Cameras
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Wolverine FIlm2Video Moviemaker $ 350.00

8mm and Super 8 Movie Reels2Digital MovieMaker from Wolverine Data. Using a 3.53MP 1/3" CMOS sensor, this device can create HD 960 x 720 footage at 30 fps. It can work with either 3 or 5" reels and offers both automatic and manual exposure control options. Also, footage is recorded to an SD or SDHC memory card at up to 32GB and there is a TV-Out port and cable available to display your videos on your television. Additionally, for connecting to a computer the scanner has a standard USB 2.0 connection, SD card not included

Comes with Take up reel ,Instructions, power adapter, Original Box (used)

Bolex Multimatic Super 8mm cartridge Projector $ 375.00

REEL CAPACITY: Special retaining cartridges hold 50ft spools of super 8mm film; Chamber holds up to 6 cartridges.
THREADING: Cartridges are placed into a chamber; Projection starts by simply opening the chamber door. Threading and cartridge change is fully automatic. Cartridges are rewound, and new cartridges can be inserted, while one cartridge is projected

Bolex Hi-Fi 17-36mm zoom lens,VARIABLE SPEED: 18 and 24 frames per second, forward or reverse; Slow motion at 6 or 8 frames per second, forward or reverse; Still projection; Rewind.
OTHER FEATURES: Brightness control switch allows lamp illumination to be reduced; Height adjustment with milled knob and levelling; Built-in holder for miniature screen; Zoom, focus and framing controls.

LAMP: 21 V/150 W halogen lamp with dichroic reflector. Modern replacement: EJA 21V 150W

Comes with 6 cartridges, built in AC cord & Original Box & cover

Chinon Whisper Model 727 Dual 8mm Projector $ 300.00

Film handling for Super 8 or Regular 8mm film
Instant film conversion at the flick of a switch
Automatic threading from reel to reel
Ultra-sharp f/1.5 18-30mm ZOOM projection lens
Rotary Switch operating controls
Variable speed control ,8 Volt 50 Watt low voltage bulb

Comes with Take up reel ,AC cord & Original Box

Chinon Sound 6000 Super 8mm Projector $ 350.00

Film handling for Super 8mm magnetic sound playback
Automatic threading from reel to reel
Chinon f: 1.3 F: 19 mm
Rotary Switch operating controls, forward & reverse operation, speeds 18,24 fps
lamp: 150 W, 120 V, DNE bulb
pilot lamp: built-in on main switch, 4 V-0.75 A, KE-030
reel capacity: 180 m

Come with original box

Elmo ST-180E M Super 8mm Sound 2 Track $ 550.00

Lens: 1,3 / 15 - 25 mm, Sound: magnetic ("M" + "MO"-versions, mono + duoplay, record + playback) and optical ("MO"-version only!, playback only)
Max. reel cap.: 180m / 600 feet
Frame rates: 18 and 24 fps
Lamp: 12V-100W Halogen lamp with cold mirror (Code EFP)

MInt Condition With Box & take up reel

Elmo ST-600 M Super 8mm Sound 2 Track $ 550.00

Lens: 1,3 / 15 - 25 mm, Sound: magnetic ("M"version, mono + duoplay, record + playback)
Max. reel cap.: 180m / 600 feet
Frame rates: 18 and 24 fps
Lamp: 12V-100W Halogen lamp with cold mirror (Code EFP)

Mint Condition With Box, take up reel & cover

Elmo SC-18 Hi Vision S8mm Sound Telecine $ 650.00
Features: Elmo Zoom f: 1.3 \ F: 15-25 mm
100 W, 12 V, halogen lamp
150 x 110mm/7" viewing screen
600ft/180m reel capacity
4 watt sound amp
2 Track sound recording and playback
Microphone and Aux inputs and sound on sound recorder feature
Runs at 18/24 fps, Headphone jack
Runs a to 110v and 220v for worldwide use
and more.
Elmo FP-A Duall 8mm Projector S8/Reg8mm $ 375.00

Duall 8 Plays Super-8 and regular 8mm
Halogen bulb Converted 12vt 100 watts,
Elmo 20 -32mm F1.3 Zoom Lens,
Autoload,still projection,dualgauge
forward and reverse operation with variable speed control knob

Excellent projector to use for telecine
Includes ac power cord ,1x 200' reel. Excellent condition, fully CLA'd

Kodak Ektagraphic III AMT Slide Projector $ 250.00

Comes with 1 carousel,
102-152mm F3.5 Zoom Lens,
EXR 82 Volt 300 Watt Lamp,
Wired Remote Control,
Carry Case.

click here for the Kodak Ektagraphic III operating manual

TCS TVT-R8 type J Video Transfer Machine $ call

Self-Contained Film to Video Transfer Machine

The TVT-R8 telecine models are designed for making high quality commercially acceptable video transfers, with high productivity, from typical home movie film. No slaving over a hot computer for hours with this method... just plug into any DVD, DV, VHS or other video recorder and monitor, and transfer in real time as if copying a tape or disc. No computer, no separate projector that is not quite right, no extra computer programs to learn, no tricky field and imaging lens alignments by the operator needed, no darkened room. Designed for continuous use in your high-volume transfer lab. Productivity is several times as great as with computer-dependent methods. The configuration of the optical system is like that of the Elmo TRV units. In addition there are three flickerless speeds, footage counter, heavy duty construction, plus other features.

available in regular and super-8 versions.

TCS TVT-S8 NTSC Video Transfer Machine $ call

Self-Contained Film to Video Transfer Machine

The TVT-S8 telecine models are designed for making high quality commercially acceptable video transfers, with high productivity, from typical home movie film with normal magnetic sound. Flickerless running without speed tweaking by the user, plus automatic or manual exposure, a footage counter, heavy duty construction, and other features. No hard to find expensive light bulbs to buy. Unlike other brands, the new “TS” telecines run at exactly the right speed. The TVT-S8STS True Speed design prevents the objectionable sound pitch and “Keystone Kops” speed of movement errors found in other equipment, which can amount to 11% (18 sped up to 20) or even 39% (18 sped up to 25).

Direct Imaging Picture Quality. A 3CCD video pickup, a special macro lens system and our exclusive technology assures a sharp, steady, flicker-free image. Video outputs are standard Composite video, also Y/C (S-Video) for optimum DVD and Mini-DV quality. Composite video is through a broadcast quality BNC jack, and a cable or adapter is furnished to feed the signal to the Yellow RCA jack on consumer equipment. No flicker adjustment knob is needed. The exposure level can be set fully manually if desired, or two automatic modes are provided. The 3CCD camera version rated at 800 TV lines (1067 pixels) resolution using a new Hitachi HV-D30 camera is also offered, also with Component outputs as an option.

True Speed: Absolutely Correct Sound Speeds. The newly invented TVT-S8STS models run super-8 sound film at the correct speeds of 18 and 24 FPS, the same as in the original film camera. The True Speed feature gives smoother and more natural screen action via slight frame blending, which is visibly superior to hard inserting of entire duplicate video frames via computer software, which gives an uneven frame rate and thus an extra, uneven jerkiness of motion.

An additional 9 FPS speed is for checking threading etc. and is not usable for viewing or transfer. The crystal controlled speeds 18.000 and 24.000 are accurate within ±50 parts per million, or .005%, so there is no sound pitch or pacing error to cause complaints. Available for either NTSC or PAL video, in either 1CCD or 3CCD camera versions.

Film Handling. A spare tooth on the two-tooth pulldown claw gives more reliable transport of problem film. Fast and simple automatic threading. Push-type loop setter, also with loop restorer knob and ratcheting sprockets for resetting lost loops. The TVT-S8STS requires that film and leader be in good condition with accurate and solid splices.

For silent films with a lot of defects or bad splices, you might want to also choose for these the silent True Speed Dual-8 model or other TVT silent models, with fewer bends in the film’s path and sprocketless drive so there are no loops to be lost. In any case, we recommend that your Sound machine be used only for running sound film, as both sound and silent film will cause wear of the magnetic sound head assembly and it is not feasible to bypass it in threading. The sound head assembly might need replacing about every 200 running hours or 180,000 feet of film at 18 FPS.

Footage Counter. No customer arguments if you can write an exact figure on their bill! Reel capacity is 600 feet (180 meters.) A high-speed rewind is provided and it works without running the mechanism.

Audio Reproduction. The TVT-S8STS reproduces sound from the standard magnetic recording stripe, with the standard 18 frame advance, and outputs are -10 dBv unbalanced through an RCA phono jack, and +4 dBu electronically balanced through an XLR jack. The TVT-S8S utilizes modern equivalents to the original B&H audio circuitry and probably shares the original specifications of 20 dB s/n ratio and 0.5% weighted RMS wow and flutter. B&H never published frequency response or output uniformity figures. Super-8 magnetic sound at its best is pleasant and intelligible but not capable of full fidelity by modern CD/DVD or Hi-Fi Video standards.

Heavy Duty Construction. Two reel motors eliminate slipping clutches that can wear out. The light source features Cosine Correction for more even illumination from corner to corner. Linear voltage to logarithmic current conversion of the Exposure correction knob for smoother and more gradual manual light control.

The mechanism is a modified and reconditioned modular Bell & Howell Filmosonic of various models, so the color scheme may vary from the picture, and all other parts are new and heavy duty. The 1CCD and 3CCD versions are identical in external appearance except for the 3CCD sticker on that model. Instructions are here. A You Tube silent demo is here.

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