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We can upgrade your New Ikonoskop A-Cam Super-16 Camera.
We provide professional quality Reflex & Color Video Tap conversion. Professionally designed and works beautifully. We are the only company offering any conversions to this camera at this time.

Reflex Conversion (includes Pelical & S-16 Groundglass)
With the reflex conversion you loose 1/3 stop of light because of the pelical. The transmission of light is 70/30
$ 2,800
Color Video Tap (Includes reflex conversion & Watek 1/2" Color video camera) $ 6,000
Reflex Viewfinder Conversion (Includes reflex conversion)
Allows the use of CP or Angenieux Orientable Viewfinders
(Not Included)
$ 3,700
Sony Battery Conversion
Allows you to use Sony Camcorder Batteries (Available at most camera stores) to power Video Tap & an On-Board Monitor.
$ 800
B&W Video Viewfinder
(Needs Reflex Conversion & Color Video Tap)
$ 350
Angenieux or CP Orientable Viewfinder
(Needs Reflex Viewfinder Conversion)
$ 1,300

CCD Viewfinder Video Assist
Available for


Arri 25mm Style Eyepiece (on the following cameras:)

16S, S/B, M, 16BL, 16SR1, 2, 35-2C, 35-3, BL-1, 2, 3, 4

Bolex H-16 Cameras - Fits 10x & 13x Finders

Canon 814XL-S & 1014XL-S Super-8 Cameras

Krasnogorsk K-3

Eclair NPR, ACL

Available in PAL for an additional $ 100

We can also custom build a special cable that will allow you to power the video tap from you existing battery. This will also provide strain protection on the Video tap.
Great for SteadiCam or Jib Arm use.

Aaton LTR/XTR B&W Viewfinder Video Assist $ 700
Aaton LTR/XTR Color Viewfinder Video Assist $ 850
Arri B&W Viewfinder Video Assist $ 650
Arri Color Viewfinder Video Assist $ 800
Bolex Color Viewfinder Video Assist $ 750
Bolex B&W Viewfinder Video Assist $ 600
Canon 814/1014XL-S B&W Viewfinder Video Assist $ 650
Canon 814/1014XL-S Color Viewfinder Video Assist $ 800
Krasnogorsk B&W Viewfinder Video Assist $ 600
Krasnogorsk Color Viewfinder Video Assist $ 750
Eclair ACL/NPR B&W Viewfinder Video Assist $ 800
Eclair ACL NPR Color Viewfinder Video Assist $ 950

Professional Quality True Video Taps available.

Simultaneous Viewing. Look through the viewfinder as well as have video output at the same time.

Aaton A-Minima Color Video Tap $ 5,900
Arri 16SR 1 & 2 J-Bar Conversion Color Video Tap $ 5,000
Aaton LTR/XTR Top Handle Color Video Tap
$ 5,000
Eclair NPR/ACL B&W simultaneous View Video Tap $ 1,650
Eclair NPR/ACL Color Simultaneous View Video Tap $ 2,500

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